The Priest and the Hope

By: Tim Shirley I read an interesting story once by a Latin American author (I wish I could recall the author’s name). The story revolved around a priest who suffered from extreme inner conflict. His conflict was caused by the fact that he did not, or no longer, believed in God. Yet, he continued his […]

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A Love of Labor

These little flakes pile up. Our town will be covered. I will scrape my shovel Across the concrete walk Outside my tired old home In each direction ‘til I have reached my neighbors. They talk of a job search, And the cost of daycare. The storm demands response; These little flakes pile up. Their action […]

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A Letter to Liberal America

Hello my liberal friends (& I do mean friends.) I am writing to you today in the hopes of sharing my suppositions & observations with you in hopes of appealing to you’re sense of justice & equality. I’m going to share a few suspicions too. In regards to our November election I suspect that a […]

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