A Letter to Liberal America

Hello my liberal friends (& I do mean friends.) I am writing to you today in the hopes of sharing my suppositions & observations with you in hopes of appealing to you’re sense of justice & equality. I’m going to share a few suspicions too.

In regards to our November election I suspect that a lot of liberal women lined up behind Hillary, not because there is anything special about Hillary, but because so many women bought into the establishment imposed narrative that she represented the best chance to win, & this gained a lot of momentum with a lot of women & came to represent a type of push back against the misogyny of our national, & really, human history.

And I believe (yes, just opinion stuff in this post,) a lot of women had some strange emotional response to some kind of mixture of an on coming validation & an already achieved entitlement. Because what does Hillary represent more than privilege & entitlement? I believe this is why her supporters were so terrible at defending their candidate;why shouldn’t they be terrible at it, their candidate possessed such hubris, had created such a narrative of inevitability about her, it seemed unnecessary to engage anyone who these Hillary supporters disagreed with, or that held opposing view points. Literally, a bubble was created.

The establishment was so heavily entrenched with Clinton that liberals couldn’t see or hear anything other than the narrative of inevitability, and with that sense of inevitability came an erosion of ethics. So, as her opponent in the primary process began to gain momentum with an ethical, justice based platform, resentment began to grow up, “Here’s this guy interfering with our chance to elect a woman president. This guy & his Bernie bros. are stealing our moment.” Of course there were no Bernie bros., and by this point, liberal women had come to believe that the nomination was settled. Hillary had earned the right to the nomination by losing to Barack Obama (funny thing about liberals, they think losing earns you stuff,) & by being in American political life the last 40 years or so. Here presence qualified her, in the liberal mindset, not her actions & policies. Hillary was entitled to this election & this presidency, & the women of America were entitled to some sense of validation through Hillary’s election. Now this old guy who wears shitty suits & waves his hands too much for liberal women, & has an annoying message that he sticks to religiously, about corporate greed & inequity, that really hits Hillary where it hurts, is screwing up a great moment for liberal women.

The response to this intrusion upon entitlement that Bernie represented was a complete abandonment of ethics. Any person with even the slightest ability to reason, & even a passing interest in our political process, knew that the Clinton campaign, the DNC, & the media, had colluded to create an unfair playing field & to anoint Hillary the nominee. Many of you still hate this fact being mentioned, but you cannot argue that it happened. Hillary & the DNC cheated to deny democracy to voters. They cheated to deny Bernie the nomination. You cannot argue against this & still be a reasonable person. You can’t be outraged by claims of Russia attempting to influence the election against Hillary, but simply ignore that the DNC & Clinton did the same thing to Bernie & still be considered a reasonable person.

And my point in all this is to address the astounding amount of resentment, hurt feelings, & animosity that has followed this election, and the reason, as far as I can see, for much of these emotions lay in the fact that despite whatever protestations or reasons one gives for being angry (Bernie, 3rd parties, Russian hacks, James Comey, etc.,) you’re really upset with yourselves for abandoning your ethics, and for ignoring your own sense of justice. You’re angry because you watched the candidate you had tied your hopes to, a candidate based on a desire for a national/cultural acknowledgment of equality for a gender, a breaking of a glass ceiling, a type of vindication, and then watched that candidate, your party & the entire establishment cheat & conspire against what you came to understand, on at least some level, to be the more just, the more ethical, & the more likely candidate to beat Trump- who you claimed to want to defeat so badly. You’re angry because you realize that you abandoned your ethics & your sense of justice to back & candidate & a party that cheated, that assaulted democracy, & left you all feeling like a penny waiting for change on the evening of November 8th. You realize that you traded in your ethics for slogans like “Blue No Matter Who!” And you had your very justified gender resentments & your attachments to justice turned into a bumper sticker that minimized your desire for equality down to a pronoun declaring that you were with “Her.”

So, why do I bring this up? I bring this up because along with the gender/identity politics that I describe above, & that I believe animated the political desires of so many women (a thing I can empathize with,) there is the uglier, in my opinion, truth that so many liberal men were just as quick to abandon all ethics when they watched the very same cheating & assaulting of democracy occur. I watched “the black vote” go to Hillary as black American leaders (one time civil rights leader come corporate sell out John Lewis,) lined up behind Hillary, & black Americans picked the brand recognition of the Clintons over the Justice & Equality of Bernie Sanders, justifying this reasoning as Bernie being too unfamiliar, too rural, too white. A complete betrayal of justice by black voters in the wake of John Lewis & the Black Congressional Caucus turning its back on Bernie’s platform, made up of the kinds of issues that Lewis once marched for, but instead, endorsing the corporate-war-hawk platform of Clinton, made up to serve all the power brokers that have traditionally destroyed the families & lives of black America.

This abandonment of ethics, justice, & decency- especially by many who initially supported Bernie- was fueled of course by “But look, Trump!” Rather than scream, protest, organize & express outrage over the blatant, obvious, & later-proven-but always-known cheating & attack upon our democracy by the Clinton camp- an act that would have forced the nomination of Bernie, the candidate that would have defeated Trump & rocked establishment politics- so many of you chose to fall in line, and you were more than happy to have your fear of Trump to point to as a justification for your abandonment of your ethics & your sense of justice. This is something I see as considerably more disgusting than anything the liberal women did in the way of identity politics. I can understand the emotional motivation of black Americans coalescing around Obama, & women coalescing around Hillary, as Catholics once did around John F. Kennedy. I wish all of us were able to get beyond identity politics, but it seems we cannot. I wish black & female liberals-hell, Americans- would look and recognize that Hillary & Barack have been as bad as any white guy who has held the office. I wish we would, going forward, look to actions, values, & a commitment to justice when picking our candidates, not identity politics. If the election were today & Cynthia McKinney were on the ticket, she would have my vote, unless there were a Paul Wellstone, or Ralph Nader to challenge her, in that case I would have a tough decision to make. If all things are equal, then yeah, I’m voting for the black woman, because the element of advancement of a race or gender is appealing, but not if it means moving backwards, as voting for Hillary did.

But what liberal men, especially white privileged liberal men did, in lining up behind Clinton (above all are those who initially supported Bernie,) & expressing no outrage over the establishment attack upon democracy is inexcusable, & the reason I’ve taken the time to express this opinion that most likely no one will care about, is because I look around, I do my reading, I follow the news, I talk to people about politics, & I see the same old patterns are still in place (I know, I’m not MSNBC or CNN, but I was more right than them about the election, not because of intelligence, but because of an adherence to ethics & justice, & because I’m not a liberal, so I’m not in that bubble. Really, no intelligence necessary. Just follow justice.) I see the refusal of liberals to admit to the corruption & inequity inducing behaviors of the Democratic Party & to the fact that Hillary Clinton was a terrible, corporate owned, establishment candidate who failed because she was unpopular, an elitist, & completely out of touch with the needs of many segments of our country, she refused to work with progressives because of her corporate loyalties, & held such hubris as to see herself as inevitable. Liberals refuse to acknowledge these realities and are lining up for more of it already. Liberals want to skip over their own injustices, their support for years of Obama killings of civilians, the greatest rise in corporate wealth in our history, & Hillary’s cheating the American people out of democracy. Just skip over all that, “Now (once again,) isn’t the time for third parties,” is what I’m hearing already. Liberals expect everyone to simply unify behind hating Trump, but here’s the thing, progressives won’t unify behind hatred or inequity or injustice. If liberals want to unify with progressives it will have to be for-something, we won’t unify around your anger or resentment (of yourself, or Trump.) We will unify around justice, & equity. So, liberals, whatever identity or gender, please take a little time to step back, get below your resentments, examine them, & then decide if you desire to continue with the inequity & injustice of neoliberalism, or if you care to work for justice & equality going forward.

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