Here at The Interregnum we seek exciting work that speaks to a progressive worldview. Whether you are writing political commentary in prose, poetry, fiction, essays, articles , or offering photography, we seek work that informs as much as it entertains. We seek work that possesses transformative language and a willingness to disturb the prevailing neoliberal worldview.

Our work intends to accomplish two goals: to inform & entertain through progressive expression, by providing progressive visions for future possibilities, & we wish to share work that strives toward the redressal of ills & injustices.

At The Interregnum we place a greater emphasis on informing than we do entertaining.

The Irish poet & Nobel Prize winner, Seamus Heaney wrote, the “redressing effect of poetry comes from its being a glimpsed alternative, a revelation of potential that is denied or constantly threatened by circumstances.” We believe all work, of any genre, form, or medium has the potential to provide glimpses, sometimes even long stares, into more equitable & just alternatives to the current realities provided through the capitalist cudgel of the corporate hegemony.

The Interregnum is interested in work that possesses a critical eye for current injustice, but that is forward looking enough to provide a view, or a vision, of what a just world looks like. Dr. Cornell West often provides an outline of expectation for this vision when he says, “Tenderness is what Love looks like in private. Justice is what Love looks like in public.” We desire work that is focused less on the pop-culture driven obsession with private love, often minimized, at its worst, to the shallow surface of sex & attraction & driven by the word “I,” instead preferring work that focuses on the righteous, too often overlooked & beaten down, call for a public Love that demands Justice, & in so doing digs deep, below the shallow surface, into the roots of ourselves, our communities, our country, & focuses on the needs, concerns, & demands of “We” ahead of the shallow celebrations of “me.”

If you feel your work shares these values & concerns, we’d love the opportunity to consider your work for publication at The Interregnum. Please see our genre specific guidelines for more detailed submission information.

Thank you,

The Editors,
The Interregnum